International registration study

The average annual number of births during a year in Europe is 9.83 births/1,000 population (source: and approximately 5 million children are born in Europe yearly. Since cancer complicates 1/1000-2000 pregnancies, it is estimated that yearly 2500-5000 pregnancies are complicated by cancer in Europe.

Given the interest from non European countries and a novel interest to study fertility preservation, we modified our structure. The Cancer In Pregnancy (CIP) task force  is now restyled to the International Network on Cancer, Infertility and Pregnancy (INCIP) under the umbrella of the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology ( INCIP currently has 83 members from 25 countries and 62 different centers.

An international registration study with online patient registration collects data on female patients who become pregnant after any type of cancer. Oncological, obstetrical and perinatal data are collected.