On November 13th, Dr. Frédéric Amant was invited to Northwell Health by Dr. Richard Barakat, chief and director of cancer at New York State’s largest health care provider, to share his experience and the results achieved with the International Network on Cancer, Infertility and Pregnancy and with his research team on Cancer in Pregnancy in Belgium (Leuven) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam).

Liesbeth Lenaerts, postdoctoral researcher of the Cancer in Pregnancy research team in Leuven, talked to ecancer in an interview at ESMO Congress 2018 about the NIPT (non invasive prenatal test) which flagged up copy number alterations and cancer in the foetus' parents. The test was then developed and trialled on elderly patients and it was further verified that this test could detect cancer.

Since October 2015 our research receives support from the European Research Council under the "Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme" of the EU (grant agreement 647047 - Cradle). We are very gratefull for their support.

After the launch of the new registration website in February 2016, over 500 patients have been added to the database, making the total number of registered patients now 2000.We thank all the INCIP members for their registrations, especially dr. Alvaro Cabrera Garcia from the Regional Hospital of High Specialty of Ixtapaluca (HRAEI) in Mexico for his enthusiasm and this 2000th registered case!

 Due to a fruitful collaboration within INCIP, under the umbrella of ESGO, we were able to investigate data on 1170 patients with cancer in pregancy, over a period of 20 years.

In the last 20 years more women were treated during pregnancy, especifically with chemotherapy. There appears to be a link between chemotherapy during pregnancy and a too small baby, but we also see a decrease in the number of premature births.

For more than a decade, the International Network on Cancer, Infertility and Pregnancy has been leading an innovative research project in the treatment of cancer in pregnant women. We are glad to share out findings in this new Textbook Cancer in Pregnancy and hope that the information can be clinically useful for colleagues over the world.

During the closing ceremony of the ESGO congress in Vienna, dr. ir. Liesbeth Lenaerts, received a certificate for Best Oral Presentation.

As a postdoctoral researcher within INCIP and KU Leuven, she is working on 'Sensitivity of non-invasive prenatal test for cancer detection and treatment monitoring, in pregnant women'.

Recently we received a KWF grant (Dutch Cancer Society) to further expand the research on Post Partum Breast Cancer. 

Brief description of this research: